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Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam

Exam Number 200-120 CCNA
Associated Certifications CCNA Routing and Switching
Duration 90 Minutes (50-60 questions)
Available Languages English, Japanese
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Exam Tutorial Review type of exam questions

NO.1 Which three are characteristics of an IPv6 anycast address? (Choose three.)
A. any-to-many communication model
B. one-to-many communication model
C. the same address for multiple devices in the group
D. a unique IPv6 address for each device in the group
E. one-to-nearest communication model
F. delivery of packets to the group interface that is closest to the sending device
Answer: C,E,F

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NO.2 Refer to the exhibit.
All of the routers in the network are configured with the ip subnet-zero command. Which network
addresses should be used for Link A and Network A? (Choose two.)
A. Network A -
B. Link A -
C. Network A -
D. Link A -
E. Link A -
F. Network A -
Answer: A,E

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NO.3 Refer to the exhibit.
Which address and mask combination represents a summary of the routes learned by EIGRP?
Answer: F

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NO.4 RouterA is unable to reach RouterB. Both routers are running IOS version 12.0.
After reviewing the command output and graphic, what is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. incorrect IP address
B. incorrect bandwidth configuration
C. incorrect map statement
D. incorrect LMI configuration
Answer: C

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VCS-272 training materials, VCS-272 free demo

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NO.1 Where should an administrator look in the NetBackup Administration Console to determine
whether an AdvancedDisk storage server is configured?
A. Media and Device Management > Device Monitor > Storage Servers
B. Media and Device Management > Credentials > Disk Array Hosts
C. Media and Device Management > Credentials > Storage Servers
D. Media and Device Management > Devices > Storage Servers
Answer: C

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NO.2 An administrator took Media Server, mediaA, offline for maintenance and set up a new Media
Server, mediaB, with access to the previously backed up data. When restores are performed for data
that was backed up by mediaA, the restores fail.
Which setting in the Host Properties must the administrator modify to allow successful restores?
A. In the BAR GUI, change the "Server to use for backup and restores" setting to MediaB.
B. From the Master Server, run the bpimage command to change the name of the Media Server from
mediaA to mediaB.
C. Verify both Media Servers are set up in the Media Server Host Properties > Restore Failover
D. Verify both Media Servers are set up in the Master Server Host Properties > Restore Failover
Answer: D

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NO.3 A policy is created using the Standard policy type. The default settings are used. Linux hosts s1
and s2 are added in the client list and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified in the Backup Selection.
Host s1 has the mount points listed below: / /opt /usr /usr/home Host s2 has the mount points listed
below: / /proc /tmp /usr How many streams will be created when the policy runs for both clients?
A. five
B. four
C. eight
D. two
Answer: D

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NO.4 What is required to implement Auto Image Replication?
A. OST-compliant appliances or MSDP and at least two Master Servers
B. OST-compliant appliances or MSDP and at least one Master Server
C. BasicDisk or AdvancedDisk storage units and at least two Master Servers
D. BasicDisk or AdvancedDisk storage units and at least one Master Server
Answer: A

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GCIH study materials, GCIH actual test

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NOTE: All GIAC exams are delivered through proctored test centers and must be scheduled in advance.
GIAC certification attempts will be activated in your GIAC account after your application has been approved and according to the terms of your purchase. Details on delivery will be provided along with your registration confirmation upon payment. You will receive an email notification when your certification attempt has been activated in your account. You will have 120 days from the date of activation to complete your certification attempt. GIAC exams must be proctored through Pearson VUE. Please click the following link for instructions on How to Schedule Your GIAC Proctored Exam http://www.giac.org/information/schedule_proctored_exam.pdf. GIAC exams are

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